“The German Occupation of Belgium & Flanders WWI”

2nd Floor, Central Library


German hostilities commenced within a few days of the Declaration of War when on 6th August 1914 the German forces sought to implement their long formulated “Schliefffen Plan” to invade France and capture Paris in a lightning speed knock-out strategy before turning east to face the inevitable attack from Russia.

The German High Command  demanded that Belgium permit the passage of German forces through their territory so as to outflank the French army and their impregnable fortresses on the Rhine.  King Leopold and his small Belgian army resisted and the swift German invasion of France was thwarted.

The display of stamps form Manawatu Philatelic Society member, Colin Dyer, features the German issues for Belgium and Flanders (overprinted German stamps) during the period of the invasion and subsequent military occupation.

Material on display includes examples of every stamp issue for Belgium during the Great War period of 1914 – 18, with several sought after “stamps on cover’ material also.

This philatelic exhibit of 16 pps will be on display in the library during Nov – Dec. and  is supported by a talk to be given by Colin Dyer on  November 9 at noon, 2nd Floor Central Library.