The New Zealand General Hospital, No.2, Walton-on-Thames, was the first hospital set up for New Zealand soldiers in the U.K, early on, in World War I (Myers, 2015).  It was built in Mount Felix in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England and began receiving patients on the 1st August, 1915 (Te Papa, 2011).

It's first patients, being casualties from Gallipoli, all of whom were delighted to find a hospital bearing the name of their beloved country, in a strange land (Myers, 2015). It Soon became known as "The New Zealand General Hospital, No.2 " (Te Papa, 2011).

The opening of this hospital also meant that it was easier to track down New Zealanders that had been injured during war (Myers, 2015).

This permanent pass made it possible for the patient to allow two visitors a time to see the patient.  This would have helped to control visiting family and friends, to avoid congestion, in what would have been an already hectic environment.  This particular pass belonged to a Private Elder.

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