75 Worcester Villas,
Hove, Sussex

February 12th 19

My Dear Edna,

It will be quite a surprise to get a letter from me.  I hope it will not give you too great a shock.  Well Edna I am staying with Aunt Rottie for a few days having a royal time as usual.  Wata is supposed to be here but has not turned up yet but expect him today sometime I saw him in London yesterday and we were coming up together but missed one another.  I have been staying at Bournemouth with my old billet lady and other friends one special of course but my word Edna she is a stunner better than all the NZ girls even better than Eva, I would love to take her home and give you a surprise but it would kill mother don't you think, it will be hard leaving this special friend behind.  I am sorry to hear you have been having a crook spin with the children and poor old Una nearly passed her ticker.  Well Old thing, you will soon have the old man home now both in fact but Wata will race me home I think what a time will all have.  Don't think because I have not written that I forgotten you and the children Edna I have been thinking of you all the time and am proud when I saw your photo to anyone and they say what a lovely boy that's Rangi.  I suppose he has grown now. 

Well Edna I must knock off now as Aunt and I are going out for a walk so cheerio old thing I will write again best love to dear old Rangi and baby also yourself from Aunt and myself.

I remain

your affectionate brother,