This booklet belonged to Charles Peter Hamilton Neilson, a farmer of Awahou North who fought in World War One. The donors purchased the Neilson farm and found this and other articles in the house.  Charles (born 1886, died 1929) enlisted in the New Zealand army in February 1917.

In July 1917 he embarked as part of the 28th Reinforcements for France with the Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company, rank: private. He served in France from November 1917 with 3 1/2 months sick leave (late Dec 1917 - Feb 1918, Aug - early Sept 1918), returning to New Zealand in August 1919.

Military standing orders are a directive from the military commander, binding on all personnel under their command. They include standard operating procedures for military personnel. This booklet has instructions for the mounting and relieving of guards, sentry duties, dress regulations, the layout for one's kit, and the daily timetable to be followed for billets and camps.

Booklet of Standing Orders for the Wellington Regiment during World War One, 1914 - 1918. Small 28 page booklet with yellow card hardcovers. Published by the NZ Div. PressContents include:

  • guard mounting
  • guard marching on to Regimental Parade Ground
  • relieving a guard
  • reliefs - posting sentries, relieving sentries
  • orders for N.C.O. of the guard
  • standing orders for quarter guard
  • orders for all sentries
  • special orders for N.C.O. in charge of the guard: prisoners
  • march discipline
  • dress regulations - drill order, musketry order, full marching order, heavy marching order, fighting order, working party order, walking out dress, clean fatigue dress, church parade order, general
  • laying out of kits in billets and camps
  • routine to be observed in billets and camps unless Special Orders to the Contrary are issued drill