This item is blue silk sachet, embroidered with Egyptian scenes (the Sphinx and pyramids) and Arabic lettering. The back has embroidered date palms and a camel.

It was from the uncle of the donor's husband, Don McConachie. Souvenirs of Egypt, World War I, sent back by Stanley Burrowes.

Stanley enlisted in April 1915, aged 24. He was working as a painter in the Taranaki area and was married. Military number: 11/1296. He served in Egypt during the war with the 6th Wellington Mounted Rifles. He survived the war and died in 1968.

Stanley's World War One photograph album is held by the National Library.

This shoe bag is typical of the embroidered items that were sold in the Egyptian bazaars to soldiers in World War I. These were very popular during the First World War due to their colourful nature and the fact they were easy to fold and post home.  Soldiers bought them while travelling to or from the Western Front (via Egypt) or while they were serving or training in Egypt.