Felt covered water flask or canteen, Mk VII variaiton from World War I. Mk VII variation water bottle circa 1914 - 1918

The canteen was used by the donor's husband, Dr. J. Hislop, who was a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps (presumably as part of the British army). At present we have not been able to identify him further.

This canteen is a standard issue World War I water bottle for British troops, known as a Mark VI bottle of 1903 pattern. They were made in blue enamel to indicate they were for water; the khaki woollen felt cover was used to hide the enamel and prevent reflection and noise.

The canteens were either carried in the pockets of the soldier's canvas webbing or over the shoulder with a leather strap. The canteen would have held several cups of drinking water, not a large amount for places such as the hot, dry terrain of Gallipoli where all water had to be brought in and rationed out.