When Anzac Day comes around presents answers to two questions that Graeme Lindsay posed to Australian and New Zealand poets as part of his 100 Years from Gallipoli Poetry Project: -

What does Anzac Day mean to you, to today's families, communities or nations?

What about Remembrance Day or other military commemorations or anniversaries?

The views of more than 200 Australian and New Zealand poets - some well-known in the literary world and others whose poetry is known only to family and friends - stimulate and challenge the reader to con-sider differing ideas about each nations' commemoration of military conflicts and the emotions these evoke.

Current perspectives are contrasted with those from earlier times as we are taken on a poetic journey from the 1840s (when troops from colonial New South Wales were sent to New Zealand to fight against the Maori) to the conflicts of the 21st century.

Lindsay complements the poetry with more than 120 photographs of war memorials from across Australia and New Zealand - images that encourage us to reflect upon the true purpose of these symbols of remembrance and their place in today's society.


And ever, in the brighter years,

When war has passed away,

Remember we our valiant ones

Who gave us Anzac Day.


- Excerpt from “The Day We Celebrate: That Glorious Landing” by C.S.L. (1919)