Lieutenant-Colonel Malone made one long journal entry covering events from the 9th of June 1915 until the 24th of July 1915.  I have taken excerpts from it to cover this time period.

"...The Post has become absolutely the best in the Defence and the safest.  A Turk deserter told our HQ that the Turks had found the mining and fighting so hazardous opposite Quinn's Post that they had to call for volunteers to man the trenches opposite it, and that every such volunteer was promoted to corporal.  That the shooting of the soldiers in Quinn's Post was so deadly that they had closed up all their loopholes and men were forbidden to use them.  They had lost such a number of men shot thro the loophole in the head and killed..."

To read the rest of this journal entry, see No Better Death: The Great War Diaries and Letters of William G Malone (pages 236 to 241) edited by John Crawford and published by Exisle Publishing.  Available in the Palmerston North City Library and from  Exisle Publishing.