"Got a cable, dated 22.5.15 from Mater in London announcing safe arrival, all well.  It had been to Alexandria and then posted on here.  So glad to know she escaped the German submarines tho' I really didn't think there was great risk.  I hope she got all my letters and that I shall soon get a letter from her..."

"...Just received a copy of secret intelligence report "A recent arrival from Turkey states that the fame of the Australian and New Zealand troops has gone far and wide.  Even the Germans admit their splendid fighting qualities and the Turks think them marvels.  They talk of them 'being more terrible than the Bulgars'!..."

To read the rest of this journal entry, see No Better Death: The Great War Diaries and Letters of William G Malone (page 231) edited by John Crawford and published by Exisle Publishing.  Available in the Palmerston North City Library and from  Exisle Publishing.