This booklet comes the Ian Matheson City Archives Research Files, available for viewing on the 2nd Floor of the Central Library building. This programme lists a number of events, including concerts, raffles and parades - including a parade where young ladies dressed in the garb of Britain's allies, called the "Grand Empire March." The Final Battle Campaign was one of the fundraising efforts made by New Zealanders to raise money for the soldiers wounded during WWI. The Feilding Star gives an account of its achievements: "The Final Battle Campaign art union in Palmerston North realised about £7500. When this is added to the other money obtained in the campaign there will be £32,000 to add to the sick and wounded fund, bringing it up to £53,000 which is to be invested at 4 or 4 1/2 percent. It is hoped to be able to provide for all the men who return and who require assistance and also to assist, where necessary, the dependents of those who are away fighting". Feilding Star, volume XIV, Issue 35194, 3 May 1918, page 2.