"...The armistice was in full swing:  A delimitation line was agreed upon, practically 1/2 way between our lines and those of the Turks, along this line at intervals of about 20 paces, pairs of sentries without arms were posted, one British, Australian, NZer and one Turk.  Each had a little white flag.  Then between such line and the respective trench lines parties of men with white bands on their arms with medical men and assistants and stretcher bearers, sought the wounded, and other parties acted as burial parties.  It seemed strange such numbers of men and officers moving about on the ground between our positions and not a shot being fired.  I had a special look round for our own dead and those of the Turks.  I wanted I admit to get a count of the Turks, so as to know, whether we had given as good as we got..."

To read the rest of this journal entry, see No Better Death: The Great War Diaries and Letters of William G Malone (page 206 to 210) edited by John Crawford and published by Exisle Publishing.  Available in the Palmerston North City Library and from  Exisle Publishing.