"...I made the reinforcements clean up.  Oh the mess and litter of rifles, ammunition, equipment of all sorts.  The country is littered.  Then the rubbish tins and odds and ends of food, not to say filth.  Ugh!  A battlefield is a much littered and untidy thing.  We have been having a hard job getting out and evacuating our wounded.  Had it not been for my reinforcements, we could have done but little.  Captain Home our RMO is a real good worker.  He has had some 48 hours without rest or sleep, and has no assistant doctor.  I have forgiven him his untidy ways, for the sterling work he has done.  Our stretcher bearers, bandsmen, have worked heroically, going out under fire, by day and night, carrying the wounded.  I hope I shall be able to tell the people of NZ what grand fellows their soldier men are:  nothing better in the world!..."

To read the rest of this journal entry, see No Better Death: The Great War Diaries and Letters of William G Malone (page 185-187) edited by John Crawford and published by Exisle Publishing.  Available in the Palmerston North City Library and from  Exisle Publishing.