"Plenty of movement all day. Transports and men of war from battleships down to torpedo boats and submarines, supply ships and hospital ships. A great sight. Britannia rules the waves - right enough! We sail at 6 am tomorrow morning and expect to land between noon and 5 pm. 

I have just arranged with Home to issue to every Platoon Commander a phial of morphia tabloids so that any wounded men can be at once given by the nearest man, a tabloid or tow to put under his tongue and thus get to work, but it will be a great blessing to the wounded men and a great help to the nerves of their mates who will be saves quickly the hearing of wounded men's cries....."

This journal entry comes from No Better Death: The Great War Diaries and Letters of William G Malone (page 160-161), edited by John Crawford and published by Exisle Publishing. Available in the Palmerston North City Library and from Exisle Publishing.