Dear Mater,

Just a line to let you know I haven't fallen overboard or got washed down in the office. I got your telegram just before we sailed, we left the wharf almost as soon as we came aboard from the parade through Wgton [Wellington] but stayed out in the stream where a ferry boat brought mails etc to us before we sailed which we did sometime during Saturday night. We ran into very rough weather on Monday, but it is quite alright now. I suppose we will be able to see Australia tomorrow as we have been out four days now. I got a biscuit tin full of cake and biscuits and tobacco from Uncle Billie and another from Edith Bendal. I caught a glimpse of Darney in the crowd on the march and shouted to her. She was looking pretty well and had a kid with her. Don't forget to tell Jim that I made your allotment to Follet Wilson Marton instead of Jim Wilson in case there is a ny trouble in getting it. I thought his name was Follet as never heard him called anything but the Link. I was very much surprised to see Mrs Christensen at Guard's Place the night I went up. Mrs G wanted to wire a quid to you to come down and see me off, but I thought you had better not come. Please don't wait for letters from me before writing, but write every week. I will do so too, although they will only be posted whenever we call at a port. The tucker on the boat is much better than camp stuff. Well dear, I must close as they have sounded last post more next time. Tons of love to you and [illegible] and regards to everyone I know.

From, yours always, Nonie