“With the centenary of the First World War upon us in 2015, Richard Stowers has written this book to increase the awareness of the unpretentious gallantry and service by New Zealanders during the Gallipoli campaign.

“The book details the bravery and distinguished service of men and women of the 1st echelon of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the Gallipoli campaign.

"In some ways those listed in the book were the lucky ones whose courage was officially recognised. Many more who did heroic acts were not so fortunate, and their actions were never officially recognised due to the fortunes of war.

"Often overshadowed by the exploits of the Australians who were awarded nine Victoria Crosses during the Gallipoli campaign, time and time again the New Zealanders were denied gallantry medals by their high command.

"New Zealand can be rightly proud of these men and women who did extraordinary deeds during times of danger, hardship and peril.” (From book jacket: written by Hugh Keane, Military historian)

Available to borrow from Palmerston North City Libraries