Certificate of Incorporation

The Palmerston North Returned Soldiers' Association, also known as the Returned Soldiers' Club, held its first meeting on 11 May 1916. Newspaper reports indicate that around 25 men were in attendance.

The criteria for joining were more stringent in the early years - to qualify for full membership, the applicant must have served in the First World War with His Majesty's Forces, be currently residing in New Zealand and have been honourably discharged to be admitted. There were lesser classes of membership for those who didn't meet the full criteria, however, including Honourary Members who could be nominated by someone already belonging to the organisation. The club was originally based in the Anzac Club, now Cafe Cuba in George Street Palmerston North. The land for the building and funds to build were secured through immense patriotic fundraising efforts of the local patriotic societies. The aims of the club were primarily to represent the interests of returned soldiers and promote their general welfare, both at home and overseas.

The object above details the members who applied to have the organisation incorporated. The object below comprises of the club rules, 13 pages that spell out the goals and aims of the institution. as well as financial considerations, membership criteria, conditions of membership and many other practical considerations. The club became part of the Returned Services Association in August 1942.

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