A chart documenting the Hassell's fever during his illness.

This candid and colourful memoir describes the experiences of Bombardier Norman Hassell during his time during Active Service in the New Zealand Field Artillery. It describes a range of topics including descriptions of the enlistment process, the sea voyage, the wonders of Egypt (and the women found there), the food, Gallipoli and the Western Front. View "Memories of 1914" here

He begins his memoirs with the words: "Being rather fond of writing, although perhaps not overgifted that way, I have nevertheless resolved to undertake the task of compiling from memory a record of the four years or so spent in Egypt and France with the New Zealand Division."

His military record indicates that he made it through the war without being seriously wounded apart from a nose fracture, which occurred during a game of cricket. His commanding officer considered this to be in the performance of military duty as it was during recreational training. He also fell ill with a mysterious sickness in November 1915 (see his medical chart above) and had considerable work on his teeth done during active service. 

Norman died in 1964 in Palmerston North. This object was donated to the Ian Matheson City Archives in 1982.